Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is probably the most misunderstood area of web design, and yet it is certainly the most talked about. Everyone is out there to get your money, and knowledge is your only defense mechanism.

Deciphering SEO

Few people understand the true essence of SEO (that includes web designers). SEO is a form of hacking. With SEO you are trying to force a Search Engine (Google, Yahoo, or other) into indexing your website better than it indexes the others in order to appear higher in the natural/organic (free) results. The assumption being that the higher in the results, the more likely you are to get visits, and by extension avoid paying for Pay-Per-Click advertising.

Google didn't make billions by being stupid...

The engineers working for Google and Yahoo are among the smartest in the world, your neighborhood web designer has an uphill battle in front of him/her.

Every time a web designer is successful at SEO, Search Engines lose potential advertising revenues, this is why Search Engine engineers have made it purposely difficult for web designers to be successful at SEO. Wouldn't you have done the same thing to protect your business?

Setting Realistic/Honest goals for SEO

Promises that they will find their website "at the top of Google" is what most people wants to hear and the crooks know this very well. By the time you realize you are dealing with the wrong company, you could have lost hundreds, if not thousands of your hard earned dollars.

With all of our SEO services we always set the right expectations with our clients. We do not promise miracles, we follow certain specific and proven programmatic rules (some developed by us), to maximize your chances of good Search Engine positioning with certain keywords.

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