About us

Trade and Value, Corp. is an internet company which specializes in the creation of websites for small businesses and professionals. We are based out of Parkland Florida, but provide services to out-of-state clients as well.

We are highly specialized in what we do: 5 to 30 page websites designed to promote small businesses and professionals alike. We prefer to stay away from shopping carts/e-commerce website, large internet applications (hospital, schools, etc...), and software design.

We are not artists, geeks, or salespeople; we are marketing experts. Our focus is not on what is techy, looks artistic, or cheaper than what other people have offered you. Our focus is on what you really need for your business, because in the end, this is what will make you money.

We see ourselves as partners in business with our clients: the more money we make you, the more services you will purchase from us. It is that simple.

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